Monday, April 9, 2007


Hey! Well I was wanting to post yesterday and tell everybody Happy Easter but by the time I got home I was soooo tired!! I got up at 5am yesterday morning...nobody should have to get up that early lol! And I had only got like 3 and half hours of sleep! Which I guess was my own fault. But anyway I had to leave by 6:30...I went to Justin's Church and they had a Sunrise Service at 7am. So I got there thank goodness..I've only drove there by myself once and I had to follow momma and daddy cause I wasn't sure how to get there so this time I was on my own so I was really hoping I'd remember how to get there lol. But anyway I did and after the sunrise service we went to the building next door and all the men had cooked was really good! Then we went for Sunday School and regular was really good...a young guy got saved that morning and then a little girl came and told everybody that she got saved the Wednesday b4. I'm glad I got to go=)I really liked it. Well after that we left to go eat at Cracker Barrel and we ate with his Mamaw, his mom, dad and his sister Courtney and his aunt and Uncle. I was kinda nervous about it even though I'd met them I've not really got to spend alot of time with them yet so I was afraid I'd be really quiet the whole time and stuff but once we got there I felt so comfortable...his mamaw was there first so I got to talk to her a little bit...I love her! She's so funny and really nice. After a few mins the rest of his family got there and I had a really good time..I was so happy that I felt that comfortable! That was one of the best parts of the day. So after that me and Justin went back to his house and watched a movie and just hung out there for awhile..I got back home around 5pm. It seemed like such a looong day...but a really good day! Well I think I might head on to bed. And I know I'm a day late but I hope everybody had a great Easter!!! Talk to ya later.....

Night, Jessica=)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Slideshow Pictures

Hello everybody! Man it's been a long time since I last posted. It's been hard to find time to get on here. But I got some more pictures put on the computer so I thought I'd post them....i hope your not sick of pics lol. Most of them are from Christmas Eve at my aunt Debbie's house...we (all my mom's family) go there every Christmas Eve. I just now put them on the computer....4 months later lol. But anyway the rest are just some of the other pics I had on my camera. I'm gonna try to do this slideshow thing again...hopefully I do it right hehe. I hope you all are doing good and have a great weekend!!! And hope you like the pictures. Talk to ya later!

Night, Jessica=)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Gatlinburg Pics

Hey Everybody...sorry it's been so long since I've posted but I was waiting for Ashleigh to send me some pics from Gatlinburg and she sent them to me today so I thought I'd post them.=) There's not many...we forgot we had a camera until we went putt putting lol then some of the pics we took didn't turn out good but anyway there's one of me and Justin, one of me and Ashleigh (I hate that one...I look drunk lol!) one's of Ashleigh and John then one's of the place we went. Hope you like them! And hope you all are having a good to ya later! Jessica

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trip to Pigeon Forge

Well this past Saturday me, Justin, my cousin Ashleigh and her boyfriend John all drove down to Pigeon Forge. We left around 2pm and when we got there we went down to the Tanger shopping outlet (a girl's gotta get a little shopping done hehe) And the guys decided we do that first so they could get it over with lol...and we wasn't that bad we were only there for an hour;-) well after that we went to the Bass Pro Shop...since we made them go shopping we went there with them. I've never been in one that big before. Then we went and ate at a place called Alabama Grill...I'd never been there before but it was really good. Then we went putt putting...I forget what the place was called. But I played awful!! lol...I think that's the worst I've ever done..I got like 4 or 5 almost every hole...everybody else did pretty good though, especially the boys. And of course they had to brag about it lol...Ashleigh took some pics while we were there so whenever she sends them to me I'll post them. But after Putt Putting we were going to go ride go carts but it had gotten so cold outside we decided not instead we went into Gatlinburg and walked on the sidewalks and went into a coffee shop and got some coffee then we wound up going into an Old Tyme Photo place and got our pictures was sooo fun. I've never done nothing like that b4 so it was really neat. We all got to dress up like floozies and outlaws and Ashleigh asked the lady could we be modest floozies cause some of the outfits we wasn't comfortable wearing at all lol. We got 4 different pics took and we all got to pic which ones we wanted...there was 2 serious ones and two smiling ones. I hated the serious ones cause I looked so retarded lol. But anyway I scanned my pic on the comp so I could post it...hopefully it'll show up good. Well after that Justin and John went into this store that did Henna Tattoos....and those dorks got one lol. They wanted to get them so they could take it down to my nannies house and show my Papaw. But after they got them on they couldn't let anything touch it for 45 mins so they were walking down the sidewalks with one arm hanging out of their shirts was funny. So after that we headed home and by the time we got back it was 1:20am. Normally I'm supposed to be back by 12 but once we got there we had so much fun none of us wanted to come back home so mine and Ashleighs mom and dad said we could stay out a little later this one time. But we had a really good time...I'm glad we got to go. Well I'd better get off here. Hope you like the picture. Talk to ya later!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hey Everybody! Well I think I'm gonna give this blog thing a try again. Man it's been so long I don't even know where to start....hmm well the most recent thing is my dad is pastoring again. They voted on him about a week ago. It's exciting but at the same time it's sad cause we had to leave our old Church. I'm really gonna miss everybody over there alot but I'm also excited to see what the Lord's gonna do.

Another change is I met a really great guy! His name is Justin and he's 19yrs old and we've been dating for going on 3 months. I met him back in December of last year at my cousins wedding. It's really funny cause his cousin Tim, married my cousin Amanda and we were both in the wedding. Well at the rehearsal after we had went through it twice we were all standing around talking and I looked around and there was this guy walking towards was him:-) so we stood around and talked for a little bit then we all went over to the fellowship hall and ate...well after everybody got done he came up to me again and we stood there and talked for awhile and he wound up asking me out to a movie for the next day after the wedding, I was sooo excited! And we've been together ever since=) The picture I posted is of us after the wedding (obviously lol) right b4 we went out on our first date. Well enough about that hehe....oh I got a cat too lol....we got her about 2 months ago. She's a tortoise shell calico cat and her name is Lucy (after I Love Lucy, cause it's my fav show) I really don't know why we got a cat at first cause none of us really like them lol...but she's really grown on us. Were hoping to get a puppy soon too!! I would love to be able to get one....I'd like to get a Dachshund. But I guess we'll see=) Well I'm looking forward to hearing from ya'll and keeping it touch! Hope everybody has a great day tomorrow.

Talk to ya later, Jessica